• All our food is made with real ingredients: butter, milk or cream, eggs, and the best of all other foodstuffs our menus require.

  • Vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and lactose/wheat/nut intolerant menus or menu items can be incorporated into your menu.

  • When foods are fried (frizzled leek garnish, for example) they are fried in oil that is free of trans fats.

  • Organic, free range and/or hormone free foods are available upon request.

  • During the local growing season Feast Your Eyes, through our connections with farmers’ co-ops and the Fair Food Project, can build all or some of your menu with these wonderful foods.

A short (but big) story:
We were once asked by Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to provide meals for participants in a research study on caloric intake. The researchers had been feeding the subjects 10,000 calories per day. (Supersize that !)
For the last day of the study it was decided to give the participants something other than the fast food meals they’d been having; this was the only way researchers had been able to achieve 10,000 calories. Here’s just part of the meal:

salad with avocado
8 oz. filet of beef, with tomato bernaise
1 whole lobster per person, with beurre blanc
potatoes au gratin
creamed spinach
macadamia nut ice cream
coffee (cream only, of course, no skinny milk allowed)

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